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We're very happy to announce some news about sMoney. As you may have noticed the project name has been changed to sMoneybox. Project "sMoney.EU": is no longer official name, and is replaced with "sMoneybox": You can find it on  "": (original address  "": is and will be still available). That's all about project name itself, no other significant changes has been made.
Now let's have a look at new features, that are available just now:
* you can have multiple accounts within one user account(registration)(eg.  myBackAcc, myCash, etc.), transfer function between those accounts are of course available
* within few days there will be some minor changes about design to make you feel better using the application
* new statistical features and functions have been added
* new feature called BUDGET will help you to maintain precise amount of spendings for particular category (eg. set some limit for your wife about spendings for clothes :-) )
* new translations have been added – make your foreign friends up to date about "sMoneybox": 
* we're about to finish regular payments soon
As you can see, we are still developing new features. We also hope, that all new functions and features are the right things to make you more comfortable about using the sMoneybox so you can "recommend": it to all your friends.

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