Record unemployment in the Czech Republic

Posted by bara 25/02/2014 at 13h20

Unemployment exceeded the 600,000 people in the Czech Republic and this is the highest record number from establishment of the independent Czech Republic. Job offices registered 629,274 people in January, which are 32,441 more than that in December.  
January is traditionally the month with the highest unemployment. The reason for this is the employees who were terminated term contracts and agreements in seasonal jobs such as construction or agriculture. This rule was confirmed in this year although winter was mind. This records also include self-employed persons, who finished business.
In January, the unemployment rate increased by 0.4 percentage points from 8.2 percent to 8.6 percent. The number of Women looking for job is 297,235 (47.2% of total unemployed) and number of persons with disabilities looking for job is 60 700 (9.6 % of total unemployed). It means that for one job are 17 job seekers. The lowest unemployment rates are in the districts Prague - East (3.6%), Prague - West (4.4%), Mladá Boleslav (4.9%), Prague (5.4 %), Plzeň - South (5.8 %) and Rokycany (5.8 %). 40 districts reported the proportion of unemployed people moving around the national averages. The highest unemployment rates are in the district Bruntál (15.2 %), Jeseník (14.6%), Most (14%), Ústí nad Labem (13%), Znojmo and Karviná (both 12.8 %).
Slight fall in unemployment can be expected in the second half of this year, when the economic recovery would be reflected in the labor market.

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