Czech e-shops are still breaking the law

Posted by bara 30/05/2014 at 09h30

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1st January 2014 new Civil Code has entered into force and it defined who shall to pay postage in the case of purchase through distance communication (internet, phone)  when returning the goods. Here is clearly stated that these transport costs paid by the seller. Customers have 14 days to familiarization and testing of goods. If you are not satisfied with them, you have a right to return it without giving a reason and claim refund of the full purchase price, including shipping.

Sellers are devising tricks for circumvent the law. For example they offer the option of picking up the package at a physical store. The vendors often claim that the goods while they have been ordered over the internet, but they do not want to recognize customer´s 14 day right of withdrawal because there was a classic contract of sale concluded according to their interpretation of the law. The vendors proceed against the law.

It should be noted that it is not a decisive the way how are goods delivered to the consumer, decisive is the way to conclude a purchase contract.When the contract was concluded on the internet, the seller can´t deprive the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days that will allow consumer to test or inspect the goods.

The new legislation says is that the cost of delivery to the customer must be returned only to the amount of the cheapest means of transport which the operator of e-shop offers. Most often it will be ordinary postage payment in advance. However if you pay more expensive shipping, seller is not obliged to pay the whole amount. The law requires the seller to pay only the price of an ordinary postage.

Customers are often faced with additional practice of some e -shops how no to return all the money for costumers. These are various service charges that trade accounted for placing the returned goods in original condition. These fees are illegal. However, customers should be aware that within 14 days to the examination and testing of the goods shall not result in apparent wear and tear of its intensive use.

For defence of online retailers is important to say that some customers abuse this 14-day period and they make free rental from e-shop. Unclaimed consignments are next problems for e-shops, because they cannot claim damages. Reimbursement transport of unclaimed consignment means wasted money for vendors.

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Situation in Crimea

Posted by bara 13/05/2014 at 12h26

Each of us has seen civil unrest in Ukraine. In recent days, however, attention has shifted much of the world from Kiev to the Crimea. Can tensions between Ukraine and Russia escalate into a military conflict? Citizens of Crimea voted to join the Ukrainian peninsula to the Russian Federation. For connect voted about 95 percent of voters. Turnout by Russian media exceeded 80 percent. The Russian president has his signature a decree recognizing the independence of the Crimea. 
Western countries (including the Czech Republic) do not recognize the referendum and threatened Russia with sanctions. Both the EU and America want to freeze the foreign assets of persons who have helped this situation. The challenge to the fierce action against Russia at the premiere of Bohuslav Sobotka turned a former ambassador to Russia and the former Minister of Defence Luboš Dobrovský, former minister Michael Kocab and Martin Bursik and Senator Jaromir Stetina. 
The government would have had to freeze the issuing of visas to Russians, Russians freeze accounts in the Czech Republic and stop the entry of Russian business in the country. "We demand that the Government at home to: 1. immediate stop issuing visas to citizens of the Russian Federation, 2. cancellation of the possibilities of receiving dual citizenship for citizens of the Russian Federation from 1.1.2015, 3. freeze accounts of Russian citizens in the Czech Republic in order to investigate the legality of these deposits, 4. stop entry of Russian business and capital to the Czech Republic, 5. cancellation of the tender for the construction of new nuclear reactors at Temelin." The Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka disagrees with such sharp steps.
What is the current situation for the Czech economy?
Five percent of domestic exports travel to the Russia. If we had the basic raw materials, especially oil, we would not be able to immediately replace this loss, which could severely hamper Czech industry. It would also be a problem if they were cut off natural gas supplies. In this case, it could not only Czech but also European economies again end up in a recession. We could have observed an increase in prices of a barrel of oil and cereals during Ukrainian crisis.
Trade War with Russia may harm tourism: if due to sanctions reduced the number of Russian tourists in the Czech Republic, would disappear in tourism around 20,000 jobs. Total domestic tourism works 230,000 people, said the consulting firm Mag Consulting. 759,000 Russian tourists visited the Czech Republic in the last year. The total amount that you spend in Czech stores by tourists from countries outside the EU consists of 51 percent of Russian people. Most sales would decrease in Prague and Karlovy Vary.


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