Medicaments and diapers will be cheaper?

Posted by bara 16/06/2014 at 11h36

A change of the tax system comes with a new government. Planned changes in seemingly positive direction - goods and services will be cheaper. It depends on a margin of retailers and also on the development of individual markets. The design of the convergence program for the European Union prepared by the Ministry of Finance counts with three rates of value added tax. The coalition parties have agreed to reduce VAT on medicines, books, nappies and baby food irreplaceable from 15% to 10% from the beginning of next year. At present the VAT rate is set to 15 and 21 percent. These tax rates should be reduced by 1 percentage point. The reduced rate of 14 percent should be for food, water, heat and transport. The rate on other goods and services will be 20 percent. It has also been proposed to unify these two rates to 17.5 percent. In addition to the five per cent reduction in value added tax medicines, books, diapers and baby food but yet everything else in a negotiation depends on whether these proposals manage to push through parliament.
These products should be cheaper by about 4 percent. In the business sector, however, changes in the VAT rate mean confusion and administrative burden. Chamber of Commerce long criticized the constant change of rules that very burden and prevent long-term business planning activities. In addition, some economists criticize the tax cuts that have not been in a period of recession, but now in a period of mild economic recovery, which may mean unnoticeable lower prices for consumers, increase margins and thus profits of retailers and especially noticeable decrease in the state budget. It means 16 million which could be missing in the state budget. Increase the tax credit for the second and each additional child. It is also in negotiations the government.
Now people apply the tax credit to 24 840 CZK per year per taxpayer. In the case of children's tax credit CZK 13,404 per year. Ministry of Finance propose increase annual tax discounts for second and each additional child CZK 14,604 per year. All these changes must be approved by Parliament and we can wait for the final coalition agreement.

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Time of holidays is coming – do you know the trip can be complained?

Posted by bara 09/06/2014 at 12h07

Travel agency as a tour organizer is responsible for ensuring that the tour will be in accordance with the contract, whether services are provided herself or another provider (hotel, airline). A complaint can deal directly with the travel agent or with another travel agency, if the trip was conveyed. The trip is described in a written contract or written confirmation of the trip in writing. If these documents do not contain precise description and refer to specific catalog number, it is advisable to store the description of the trip (in the catalog or on the Internet). It's also a good idea to keep an eye on that information to you in a travel agency told orally, was consistent with other documents.
If the during of the holiday inconsistent with the information provided in the contract, the travel agency has the obligation to provide redress. Your needs are different according to the seriousness of the shortcomings and possibilities of their removing At first, the travel agency must ensure the continuation of the tour at the cost of lower quality of service. The difference in price should be financially compensated Conversely, higher standard always paid the travel agency of their own. If it is not a substantial defect (such as chartered hotel with aqua-park and sports complex, which is currently reconstructed), the right of customers to refuse completion of this tour and be transported back home. If this is a problem that can be solved on the spot (for example, the view from the rooms or amenities), it is necessary to act immediately and notify your delegate, the situation is different from the contract and require immediate correction or confirmation in writing that you claimed defect. Any defects need to have somehow documented. It is best to take photos of room status, outlook, etc. It is also good to have a written confirmation from the carrier or the staff or the testimony of other participants of the tour. To remedy specify a time limit, if the problem is not resolved (for example, not to ensure a certain hour transfer to the hotel), you can call a taxi cost to get your cash travel agency. If the problem can not be removed (perhaps missing the promised pool) you are only entitled to financial compensation. 
An example might be the Frankfurt table discounts, according to which actions are mainly German courts. It states part of the solution of deficiencies and their corresponding discounts that customers grant the courts (for example, in the absence of the pool from 10 to 20% of the tour price). You have 30 calendar days to filing a complaint of the tour from the end of the trip. Travel agency must be within 30 calendar days of the request. In case of rejection, you can prevent out of court.
You have to be vigilant when ordering via internet tour. In the past, everything was finally in effect since the contract is signed. Today, in some cases, you can order a trip obligatory by one-click. Although the contract is concluded via the Internet, this type of contract is a legal exception, there is not 14 days to withdraw. So in this case, a travel agent may (rightly) require cancellation fees.

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