Unification of consumer rights in the EU

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The principle of unification of national legislation, which is controlled by the directive of consumer rights, prevents to members of EU if they want introducing new or retain existing different rules. Members of EU had included changes in consumer right to their legislation until 13 June 2014. From this date must be all these legal systems regulating relationships between consumers and traders in the entire EU put into effect. The reason for these changes in all EU countries are ensure a minimum standard of protection and also fully release the consumer market and ensure the same rules to all EU citizens. The bad implementation of changes means sanctions from EU.

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In the Czech Republic were the directives of consumer rights incorporated into the new Civil Code, which was revised after almost half a century and came into force in early 2014. The Czech Republic fulfilled the correct date changes, but the introduction of these changes contains a lot of mistakes. An example might be to eliminate the consumer's right of withdrawal from service contracts – Civil Code, the law does not give the consumer if the services were met before the deadline for withdrawal. However, the directive recognizes the right to cancel the contract until the time of service in full. The Czech Republic disregarded some of the rules. For example, the 30-day deadline for delivery of the goods, if this were not parties agreed delivery time. Furthermore Czech directive does not contain a right of withdrawal of subscriptions to newspapers and magazines. The fundamental error is to limit the automatic cancellation of the loan in the amount of five thousand during withdrawal, which are protected in the Czech Republic, those who have contracted a distance, but not to those who have concluded away from business premises.

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