Czech has its own virtual currency Czech Crown

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On 17th July 2014, the Czech Republic has had its first virtual currency. His name is Czech CrownCoin (CZC) and created her six-member team led by cinematographer TV Nova Ladislav Faith. CzechCrownCoin is a digital currency for internet transactions intended primarily for Czech citizens and businessesmen.

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Digital currency began circulating a few years ago. The most successful is bitcoin, which came into circulation in 2009. Father of the virtual currency became a Japanese hacker hiding under the cover name Satoshi Nakamoto, who used it in its P2P network as a universal currency. Experimental currency is quickly transformed into the demand tender, which was reflected in its strength. An one year ago, one bitcoin was around $13, today it is already $956. Although the actual coins and bank notes can not be find in the concept of bitcoin, accept it already and some shops, and also in the Czech Republic. We pay them roughly 25 stone and online stores in the Czech Republic. In Prague this spring began work on the first ATM purchase and sale of Bitcoin.

For residents of Argentina is the only salvation, as annual inflation is around 30% and the government banned exchanged for dollars or euros, limiting the purchase of gold. Another reason for the popularity of bitcoin is that the transaction does not and no thanks to anonymous users are their owners untraceable. The same principle works necessary services such as Goldcoin, DigitalCoin or Litecoin. With its own means of payment already working well for years to be online betting company and makers of computer games. Its currency has for example Amazon online store or social networking site Facebook.

The European Banking Authority warns consumers that unregulated virtual currencies pose a great risk. Their deposits are in no way protected, for example, in the case of an attack by hackers or unsuccessful transfer of money. Her fate and use it for the time being in the stars, the distribution of this exchange will be launched in September 2014.

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