ATM in the Czech Republic celebrates 25th birthday

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Automated teller machine (ATM) is a machine that automatically provides cash and performs other banking services on insertion of a special card by the account holder.

ATM is among the hundred most important inventions of the 20th century. George Simjian constructed in 1939 instrument called barograph. This precursor ATM was installed in New York. Clients about it were not interested. John Shepherd-Barron revived the idea of automatic withdrawals in 1967. The new ATM was put into operation in London. The public welcomed Barron´s ATM with pleasure. The first international ATM network was established in 1984.Today is around 2 million ATM all over the world.

zadávání pinu v bankomatu

The first ATM in the Czech Republic began operations 25 years ago. It worked in off-line mode, and it served only to workers societies. By the end of 1989 there were 3 ATMs in the Czech Republic for common clients.

The former ATMs knew how to give change only. Today Czech Republic has almost 4,500 ATMs, and you can inform about balances and submit payment orders. Modern ATMs serve as a marketing channel for the promotion of banking products and some ATMs are used for insertion of cash to the account.

In 2013 it was 417 ATMs per million inhabitants in the Czech Republic. When we measure the density of the network – there are 56 ATMs per square kilometre.

Česká spořitelna has the most ATMs in Czech, ČSOB is the second and third place has Komerční banka. The least ATMs have mBank, Zuno or Equa bank. Clients of these banks may use free or low-cost network of ATMs of other banks.

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