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In the Czech Republic, a person whose taxable income is higher than 15,000 CZK, during the calendar year, has to always report his Czech personal income tax return. In most of the cases employers are responsible for carrying out this duty for their employees.

People have to submit their income tax return no later than 1st April 1015. There is possibility to extend the date of submission to 1st July, but only if it is prepared by a registered Czech tax adviser. Czech citizens or people who have a permanent residency in the Czech Republic have to pay tax on their income earned inside the Czech Republic and abroad. Foreign residents and people employed in the Czech Republic only have to pay tax on their income earned in the Czech Republic. Citizens with the data box must file a tax return electronically, otherwise the tax office will give them a fine of 2000 CZK.


You have to think of some important points when completing the tax return:

If your tax base is less than 165 000 CZK, you don´t have to pay any income tax on individuals. However, you must file a tax return. When you're an employee and you have other taxable income higher than 6,000 CZK for 2014, you have to file a tax return too.

There are general tax credits which can be claimed in the Czech Republic. Tax credit of 24,840 CZK per year can be claimed for the taxpayer. Czech tax residents and also Czech tax non-residents who have more than 90 percent of the income from Czech sources can claim tax credit of 13,404 CZK annually per dependent child. Only one parent can apply the tax credit for children. Tax credit of 24,840 CZK can be claimed for a spouse whose own income does not exceed 68,000 CZK per year.

Tax Office will return your any overpayment, but the condition is that you must have completed the necessary information on the tax return (bank account number, etc.). Tax office returns overpayments to 1st May 2015.

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