A career planning of Czech people in 2015

Posted by Veronika 04/05/2015 at 10h40

Czech and world economy will accelerate the pace of growth by several percentage points. Overall, we assess a very positive mood in the economy - thinking of companies and consumers is not a barrier to economic growth this year. Many companies are planning to increase the number of employees. Quantity of job offers is growing and people have more choices. Seasonal works have a positive effect on some sectors now.
What are the career plans of Czechs? Are the Czechs satisfied with their work? Are they interesting in career advancement? A survey of personnel agency Grafton Recruitment has focused on these issues. There were approached about 1000 respondents.
28% of people were satisfied with their jobs, another 16% of employees want career growth in current work. Employees would like attend special training or language course.
People are also interested in requalification courses, mostly in the service sector (masseurs, manicurists etc.). A wider range of jobs means that people cease to be afraid of the changes work. 37% of respondents want to change jobs this year. They mention the lack of financial rewards as the main reason. Poor interpersonal relationships at work or dissatisfaction with superiors are also frequently mentioned reasons.
12% of respondents would like to find a job abroad this year (mainly university graduates have this plan). The remaining 7% of respondents thinking about their own business or planning to taking maternity leave.

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