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sMoney.EU project idea was born almost a year ago, when we released early beta version of sÚčto.CZ (simple online accounting system). Few friends of mine mentioned sÚčto.CZ as useful tool for businessmen, but they wanted something else. They wanted something simple to records home expenses - just outcome and income. These days almost everyone has internet connection at home, in work or even in mobile phones, so such an application must be online through web browser. Because of high work load of our development team we have delayed this application, but the time being we were thinking more and more about it, and finally we have decided to make it happen. During the Ostrava on Rails 2007 conference, that we have organized together with Ostrava Science & Technology park, the decision was made. This first czech and Eastern Europe conference was about Ruby and Ruby on Rails. During the conference, where Jamis Buck, Tobias Lutke, Saimon Moore, Tim Lossen, Luke Francl and many other well known Rails contributors were participated, the idea was transferred into real plan - sMoney.EU In the beginning we came up with 3 basic ideas:

  • Create the most simple and user-friendly interface
  • Localize the project in as many languages as possible
  • Offer whole project totally for FREE

In my opinion I think well done, but we want more. The project will be constantly developed (see the section We are preparing? on page About), we will add more and more language translations and we are ready to make your wishes real if possible. So if anyone has any suggestion, register to sMoney.EU forum and put it there. We will inform the public about current development progress in this blog so we believe to make the project perfect to use. We wish you easy and comfortable usage of sMoney.EU application.

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What's in progress

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In this brand new category of our blog I would like to inform the public about new features and changes that are in progress or being planned. You're welcome to give us comments and opinions about every single article in comments directly in this blog or you can use the forum.
The most hot features are going to be:
New graph that shows you your balance.
sMoney version for mobile phone and PDA.

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