Releasing new features

Posted by admin 23/08/2007 at 14h47

Because of nonstop development on "sMoney.EU":, we would like to introduce you new pack of features that have just been released.

First of all we did *new desing!*
But if you like the previous one, you can choose in profile screen which one you want to use. 
Another feature to make you more comfortable is *The Reminder*. It will remind you, that you havent't logged in for certain amount of time, that you can of course set by yourselfs. It might be a good tool for people with bad memory, so you won't forget to add new spendings.
Very useful feature has been also added - *Regular payments*. it allows you to add once a repeated payment, that will occur every day/week/month in exact day. You can also specify your own period.
First new graphs have been released to show you some statistics data, but we will add more and more.
*New translastions* have been made, so that will also please more users.
Finally you can use *simple calculations* when adding new spendings. For example 2x20, system will automatically resolve it as 40.
There are much more features in progress, so meantime please use sMoney.EU and add more and more spendings, so we can have motivation to bring new features to help you to show your spendings in different point of views.

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What's in progress

Posted by admin 24/08/2007 at 14h45


In this brand new category of our blog I would like to inform the public about new features and changes that are in progress or being planned. You're welcome to give us comments and opinions about every single article in comments directly in this blog or you can use the forum.
The most hot features are going to be:
New graph that shows you your balance.
sMoney version for mobile phone and PDA.

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New features in progress

Posted by admin 11/09/2007 at 14h41


Coming soon:
- budget for each kategory (feature that will check your expenses in each category)
- some minor enhancements for graphs
- possibility to have more than one money accounts within one registration (login), eg. My bank account, Home funds …
So far we have enhanced the reminder, check it out!

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Posted by admin 10/10/2007 at 14h38


We're very happy to announce some news about sMoney. As you may have noticed the project name has been changed to sMoneybox. Project "sMoney.EU": is no longer official name, and is replaced with "sMoneybox": You can find it on  "": (original address  "": is and will be still available). That's all about project name itself, no other significant changes has been made.
Now let's have a look at new features, that are available just now:
* you can have multiple accounts within one user account(registration)(eg.  myBackAcc, myCash, etc.), transfer function between those accounts are of course available
* within few days there will be some minor changes about design to make you feel better using the application
* new statistical features and functions have been added
* new feature called BUDGET will help you to maintain precise amount of spendings for particular category (eg. set some limit for your wife about spendings for clothes :-) )
* new translations have been added – make your foreign friends up to date about "sMoneybox": 
* we're about to finish regular payments soon
As you can see, we are still developing new features. We also hope, that all new functions and features are the right things to make you more comfortable about using the sMoneybox so you can "recommend": it to all your friends.

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